Axle Management

Axle Management scouts, develops and places aspiring models and actors with top agencies through out the world. 

The co-owners of Axle Management, Jae Feinberg and Kadi Carlson, have an impressive  background in fashion, advertising, and the entertainment industry. Axle Management creates a unique opportunity for launching new talent as well as nurturing talent throughout their entire career.

Kadi Carlson has worked as a casting director, has several years of model agency experience, and is a film maker with a background in video production. Her enthusiasm for managing models and actors is limitless and has been involved with many success stories. She has a great eye, she sees potential long before most people recognize it.   

Jae Feinberg is a Los Angeles based fashion photographer whose photographs have been instrumental in numerous successful models careers. She has been an in demand professional photographer for over 20 years, her work has appeared in many publications including W,  Wallpaper, Cosmopolitan, Shape, Spanish Vogue, Spa, and Seventeen. Jae has traveled extensively photographing up and coming stars for agencies throughout the United States and is one of the best in the industry at helping models realize their potential and capturing it on camera.

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